Games Development

Games Development
Serious Games, Educational Games, Advertisement Games,
Outsourcing Work, Game Design, Games Programming

VR / AR Development
VR/AR Games Development, VR/AR Interactive
Advertisements, VR/AR Tours

360° VR Videos
Interactive 360° VR Presentations /
Tours / Advertisements

Motion Graphics
Corporate Presentations, Business Logos,
Previs Animations

Applications / Website Development
Android / iOS / Windows / Linux / MacOSX applications
using the latest technology and tools available. Website
development in WordPress for presentation and eshop purposes

Subtitling / Translation / Dubbing Services

Interactive Architectural Visualisations
Use GeoData from drones or Google Maps along with 3D models
in order to present fly by views of Architectural plans
before they are completed

Interactive Advertising
Using the latest gamification theories, games technology
and general available technology we create interactive ways
to advertise your products (e.g. QR codes)

3D Model Creation
Using 3D Studio Max, Mudbox, Z-Brush etc. we create
custom models that fit your needs be it game ready
or for architectural and other purposes

Social Media Campaigns
Coordinated marketing effort designed to reinforce information
or sentiments (about a product, service, or overall brand) through
at least one social media platform